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Connect the Dots Game

Printable Games and Play Online. Connect the Dots Game have been fun for years and almost everyone has played these simple, yet fun games as a child. 

DotsGame.Net offers several Connect the Dots type games which you can play online straight from your browser.

Additionally we have printable Connect the Dots sheets which you can print and use at home or anywhere else!

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Printable Connects the Dots Games!Printable Connects the Dots Games!

Looking to print out dots game worksheets ? We have 3 different connect the Dots worksheets. ( Small 8 x 8 ), Medium ( 10 x 10 ) and Large ( 12 x 12 ).

The printable Dot to Dot paper games are in pdf format and fit on a A4 size piece of paper when printed.

Print Connect the Dots Games

Connect the Dots Online Games

Play Connect the Dots online. Check out the games below which you can play straight from your browser. Have fun playing these simple, fun games.

Dots GameDots Game

An Interactive Dots Game you can play straight from your browser against the computer. Simply draw lines from dot to dot. The player with the most number of squares wins! Click here to play this game now!

Box In Dots GameBox In Dots Game

Another fun and interactive Dots Game just like the one above. You simply draw lines between dots and try to make the most squares. This one has a more playful theme and the lines are created more dynamically. It's called Box In - Check out this fun Connect the Dots online game here.

We hope you have tons of fun on DotsGame.Net!